Date: 21st May 2016
Red Brass Tube
Red brass tube: Material: Copper 85%,Website:,zinc 15%, CUZN15Standard: ASTMB135 C2300, JISH3300 C2300Feature: ?red brass tube is used for all kinds of deep drawing and bending making parts, such as pin, rivets, washers, and nuts, catheters, barometer, screen, radiator parts. With good mechanical properties, thermal plasticity good, cold plastic and machinability is good, easy brazing and welding, corrosion resistance, widely used an ordinary yellow brass varieties.Advantage of H85 brass tube: 1. ?red brass pipe is easy to process and connect, with good stability and reliability.2, ?red brass pipe is light.3, ?brass tube can change the shape, because the copper tube can be bent and deformed.4, red brass tube is easy to connect.5, brass pipe is safety.Chemical composition(%) ?Cu:84.0-86.0 ?Ni:0.5 ? Fe:0.10 ? ?Pb:0.0 ? Zn: balance ?others?0.3Mechanical property?Tensile property???b/MPa??315Elongation?(?10/%)?25Extensibility ???5/%??30.Specification: ?Thickness ?O.D.0.019"to0.023"0.023"to0.031"0.031"to0.039"0.039"to0.047"0.047"to0.059"0.059"to0.078"0.078"to0.12"0.12"to0.16"1/4"to 1/2"ooooo---------1/2"to3/4"oooooo------3/4"to1"---oooooo---1"to1-3/8"------oooooo1-3/8"to2"---------ooooo2"to2-3/4"---------oooo---